First Look: Network Associates' Enhanced Online DESKTOP Anti-Virus Managed Service

By SmallBusinessComputing Staff
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Wayne N. Kawamoto
Managing Editor, www.smallbusinesscomputing.com

McAfee Security, a division of Network Associates, announced an enhanced version of the VirusScan ASaP managed desktop anti-virus service. The new version promises to deliver automated updates without the need for Internet connectivity, ensuring all users on a corporate network are protected. Additionally, in order to ensure greater virus protection for remote and mobile users, the service will now automatically update users when they connect to the network, rather than updating at scheduled times.

VirusScan ASaP is based on the McAfee virus-scanning engine. According to the company, its VirusScan ASaP removes the burden of managing the continuous updates that are necessary to protect against evolving virus threats. In the past, the underlying update technology that provided automated updates, rumor peer-to-peer technology, required a desktop to have Internet access.

The technology should now find a workstation on the same network that has Internet access to act as a proxy. Using this proxy connection, the service will download an update directly from the Network Operations Center (NOC) or, if already downloaded, receive it internally from another workstation on the network, ensuring that all desktops on a network are protected.

For more information, McAfee Security can be reached at 888-VIRUS-NO, and on the Internet at http://www.mcafeesecurity.com/.
This article was originally published on June 12, 2002

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