Wi-Fi 11N - Everything Your Small Biz Needs To Know

PCWorld: Wi-Fi 11N - Everything Your Small Biz Needs To Know

If you're thinking of installing or upgrading a wireless network, you need to understand the technology. This article offers summaries and links to useful resources.

"The rapid adoption of IEEE 802.11n as the Wi-Fi standard is transforming the wireless experience for users, and the enterprise network. Here's a round up of the news, issues, trends, and information you can use for keeping up with the fast-changing Wi-Fi world. (See 802.11n reshaping Wi-Fi experience.)

Our timeline of 11n's development gives a quick overview of some of the key milestones. And we've tracked the deployment and evolution of the first large-scale 11n deployment (based on the then-draft standard): a campus-wide network at Morrisville State College in upstate New York, using gear from Meru Networks."

This article was originally published on September 14, 2010