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by Joey Lattimer

Extendnet 4000
Rating 89

The extendnet 4000 is an all-in-one suite designed to give network users access to the Internet, serve a Web site, provide office e-mail, and protect the network from hackers. Built on Red Hat Linux, the ExtendNet 4000 provides an alternative to building from scratch.

The application we tested came with a V90 modem, and 10/100 network interfaces for connecting it to our office LAN and T1 line. Using the 4000's self-assigning IP address, we were able to run, via modem, an HTML Web page that offered step-by-step installation. When switching to a T1 line, it was easy to return to the setup screen and make a few changes for fast Internet access.

To administer the company e-mail system or Web site in-house, the 4000 features a full-function SMTP- and POP3-mail server and an Apache Web server. Maintenance was possible from anywhere on the LAN.

To protect from intruders, the ExtendNet 4000 can create a custom firewall according to any specification. Via e-mail alerts, the 4000 notifies the administrator of critical system events, and includes automated backup to the LAN.

Considering the numerous features of the ExtendNet 4000, it is simple to operate. Creating a similar system from scratch might offer more flexibility, but would come at a much higher cost.

Extendnet 4000
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This article was originally published on January 17, 2001

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