Mastering the Message Domain

By SmallBusinessComputing Staff
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by Charles H. Gajeway

01 CommuniqueE Communicate! i2000
Rating 74

Collecting and responding to a barrage of e-mail, voice, and fax correspondence takes up more time every day, especially for mobile workers. 01 Communique positions the Communicate! i2000 as a tool that manages multiple communication channels from any computer.

The software promises support for up to four modems simultaneously, and provides Internet, voice, and video capabilities from a single user interface.

Lured by the notion of a portable communications powerhouse, we installed the i2000 to our laptop, hooked up an extra modem and a PC video camera, and gave it a workout.

First, the program failed to recognize both analog modems simultaneously. A call to tech support revealed that multi-analog modem support was planned but not yet functional.

Continuing with our test, we were struck down again, this time by modem incompatibility. Our 3Com PC card could receive voice but not fax, while our Aztech USB modem had the reverse problem. From the 01 Communique Web site we found a solution, and equipped our laptop with the recommended modem.

Overall, the program runs slowly, despite its small size. The default voice and fax mailbox system worked well, but creating a custom setup was an error-prone affair. Even worse, there was no way to end a dial-up session, and closing the program while on line caused an immediate crash and the "blue screen of death." The i2000's strengths revolve around its core of telephone and fax features.

This is an ideal setup for companies requiring a separate e-mail program. Most users, however, will be better off looking elsewhere for a communications solution.

Communicate! i2000
01 Communique

This article was originally published on January 24, 2001

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