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By SmallBusinessComputing Staff
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by Matthew Klare

ScanSoft OmniForm 4.01
Rating 87

ScanSoft's OmniForm 4.01 and its forms-hosting site, eOmniForm.com, offer a simple solution enabling anyone to put open forms on the Web. The Web site hosts the forms, collects data, and even notifies you when data is available for downloading.

Using the eOmniForm.com menu option, one click is all it takes to begin publishing to the Web. OmniForm automatically creates the JavaScript required to create a working template. Form data can be openly available or accessible only to those privy to assigned passwords.

Recovering data is very simple. Information is automatically downloaded off the selected forms. To avoid duplicate entries, set the default to download only new data records accumulated for a particular form. Emptying data onto the eOmniForm server makes room for additional records.

We created and published several forms with OmniForm. We liked its auto-fill fields and data-verification capabilities. It behaved poorly under Netscape Navigator; however, ScanSoft is working to correct this problem.

OmniForm 4.01 isn't for everyone, as power users will probably stick with the likes of TELEform. But if quick and easy is what you need, OmniForm is the e-ticket for forms creation and hosting.

ScanSoft 4.01
ScanSoft Inc.