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By SmallBusinessComputing Staff
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by Wayne Kawamoto

Samsung ML-4600
Rating 87

Sharp, laser-quality output should be a given in printers for any modern-day office. In this regard, Samsung's ML-4600 is a competent, reasonably priced laser printer that can adequately serve low-capacity business needs.

In our evaluation, we found text output to be sharp and clear. As expected, text printed at 1200dpi was sharper and slightly darker than at 600dpi. When printing gray-scale pictures, we discovered that the printer could output a good range of tones and details, particularly at 1200dpi. In addition to crisp text, the ML-4600 does a great job of printing business graphics, such as charts and tables. However, it does only an adequate job on digital photographs.

uring our testing, the ML-4600 performed just under its rated speed of 8ppm (pages per minute). The printer took a while to process the first page in a batch, but after that, it performed close to its official speed.

We had no problem with configuration or installing the printer's toner.

The ML-4600 comes with two paper trays. The first offers storage for 150 sheets, and the second may be used to feed letterhead, envelopes, or labels.

The laser printer is a more powerful, pricier version of Samsung's ML-4500. The ML-4600 comes with more memory -- 4MB versus 2MB, and is better suited for offices. In all, the ML-4600 is a solid, competitive printer. However, it's not the kind of unit that should be at the center of a busy network.

Samsung Electronics

PROS: Good clear text output; 1200dpi resolution

CONS: No paper manual
This article was originally published on June 01, 2001

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