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By SmallBusinessComputing Staff | Posted July 01, 2000
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by David Batterson

XRay Vision Viseo Camera Kit
Rating 84

Small businesses can spend thousands of dollars setting up security cameras to monitor entrances, warehouses, cash registers, and parking lots. However, the XRay Vision Kit from X10.com provides an affordable solution that also allows users to monitor activity over the Internet. Its handy feature for keeping an eye on one location while you're at another.

The kit features the XCam2, a mini indoor-outdoor color-video camera that transmits video wirelessly from its location directly to a desktop PC. The video camera includes a built-in transmitter and a small receiver that connects to a PC. We tested it out as an entrance security system for a small office.

The whole package was fairly easy to set up. The featherweight (less than 4 ounces) XCam2 mounts on walls, posts, or even a railing, which is what we used. The receiver is easily connected to a PC via a USB port. The camera transmits video wirelessly to the PC with the receiver, but it still needs to be plugged into an external power supply. A four-hour battery backup is another option.

There are two different programs to download. The XRay Vision Home download is used on the PC connected to the camera. It lets you capture pictures, save them, e-mail them, and make them available to remote users over the Internet. The XRay Vision Remote download allows anyone with a password to connect to your XRay Vision-equipped PC over the Internet so they can download still images. The software can e-mail images at set times or when its analysis identifies motion occurring, such as someone entering a door.

Since this is a low-cost system, don't expect a high-resolution cam and security system like you see in the Las Vegas casinos, or you'll lose that bet. But for easily adding basic security and surveillance, it's a winner.

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