Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 Smartphone Review

By Joseph Moran | Posted February 02, 2011

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Mobile smartphones now come in three main flavors: Apple, Android and Microsoft. If you're in the Microsoft smartphone camp, you're probably wondering how Dell’s Venue Pro stacks up against other Microsoft Windows Phone 7 smartphones.

Our sister site,, features a hands-on review that scopes out the new smartphones features and performance capabilities to see what, if anything, sets it apart from other Microsoft Windows Phone 7 smartphones.

Dell’s much awaited Windows Phone 7 handset, the Venue Pro, got off to a pretty rocky start. While myriad HTC, LG, and Samsung handsets were available to buy upon-- or very shortly after-- Windows Phone 7’s November 8th launch, the Venue Pro was virtually impossible to come by until mid-to-late December, and many of those that managed to get their hands on one of the few early units found that they suffered from technical issues including SIM card problems and inability to connect to secure Wi-Fi networks.

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