Small Business Computer: HP Z200 Small Form Factor

By Eric Grevstad | Posted July 23, 2010
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HP's gone and pimped your small business workstation. The Z200 packs a lot of power into a small frame, including a quad-core Intel Xeon processor and ATI FirePro graphics – e.g. fast stuff. If your business crunches lots of numbers or uses demanding video or CAD programs, you'll want to consider this option. HardwareCentral has the full review.

Want a cute little compact with a big V-8 engine? Ford or Chevy won't oblige you, but HP will, figuratively speaking at least: The company's Z200 workstation is available in a small-form-factor chassis about one-third the size of the traditional minitower -- petite enough to slip into a space-constrained environment, yet packing quad-core Intel Xeon power, up to 16GB of fast DDR3 RAM, and up to 2TB of storage.

No, it's not HP's most powerful workstation -- the company reserves the six-core Xeons for its Z400 series, and dual processors for its Z600 and Z800 -- but it's considerably more muscle than you'd expect to find in something the size of a slimline consumer PC.

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