No Cheap Laptops: The HP Mini 5102 Netbook

By Eric Grevstad | Posted March 30, 2010
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Small business notebooks come in all shapes, sizes and price tags, but you can pretty much expect to pay around $300 - $350 for a decent netbook. HP sees things a bit differently though, when it comes to its flagship netbook, the Mini 5102.

In this case, it's because the highly portable, very attractive netbook is built to survive an environment somewhat more challenging than a small office, a cubicle or even a train commute home. Check out the review -- HardwareCentral.com has the complete details.

Are you a sophisticated business professional? An executive whose briefcase holds only the finest gear available? Congratulations. You're part of an elite audience, one of two target markets for HP's flagship netbook, the Mini 5102. The other? Who else belongs to such a deluxe demographic? Are you sure you want to know?

OK. It's the kid next door and his chums in grade school.

Actually, it makes sense to consider an ultraportable built for the rigors of the K-12 crowd. It explains why, compared to other netbooks, the Mini 5102 bears a bit of a premium price at $415 (or a super-premium price if you want a custom-configured model; more on that in a minute).

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