Top Mobile Accessories for the iPhone

By James Alan Miller | Posted March 03, 2010
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Own a business and an iPhone? If you spend a lot of time out of the office, you probably rely on your iPhone to run your small business. Make sure you have the best mobile accessories to stay connected while on the road. EnterpriseMobileToday.com has the details.


In spite of the continued misgivings on the part of some mobile IT managers, the iPhone and its inventory of mobile apps continue to make their presence known throughout the business world. In other words, the iPhone is here to stay -- so why not make your job easier by expanding your iPhone support knowledge-base?

While much attention is paid to the 140,000 mobile downloads in the App Store, in this article we shift the focus to hardware. We provide guidance for mobile IT managers who need to recommend accessories that will help mobile workers get the most out of their iPhones.

Below, we survey some hardware options as they relate to power, protection and performance. We'll help you choose the best cases, learn how to defend iPhone displays from damage -- and repair them if need be -- as well as how to select battery packs and headsets that will keep your mobile workers productive while on-the-go.

Power to the iPhone

The iPhone, like many smartphones, eats up power at an alarming rate. Sure, battery performance has improved over the years, but it still leaves a lot to be desired. And, unlike with a BlackBerry, for example, you can't pop out the battery and replace it when your iPhone is running low on juice.

That's why the very first thing we recommend you do after buying an iPhone is pick a peripheral to make sure you can get through the day without running out of power.

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