Fabrik Doubles Down on Data Backup

By Lauren Simonds
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Fabrik, a company known for data storage and multimedia Web services, recently announced the SimpleTech Pro drives, a new family of external storage devices. In addition, the company announced an online data backup service called Fabrik Ultimate Backup. While external storage drives and online backup services are common these days, Fabrik adds a twist by combining the two.

The company takes a belt-and-suspenders approach to data backup by also providing Fabrik Local Backup – software that lets you back your computer data onto the external drive. This strategy, said Charles Hayes, product-marketing manager at Fabrik, lets you keep a copy of your data onsite and easily at hand while at the same time, keeping another copy stored securely offsite, so that you can restore data in the event of a disaster or theft.

"We provide customers with two levels of protection," said Hayes. "They have the option to backup their data online to our secure servers and/or backup their computer data to a SimpleTech Pro drive. They can have their cake and eat it too."

Fabrik Ultimate Backup
Each SimpleTech Pro drive includes a 2GB online backup account for free. The company offers unlimited online backup for $4.95 a month. Hayes pointed out that Fabrik Ultimate Backup provides more than a place to store data online. "This is an encrypted service that backs up multiple file versions," he said. It's not just 'in the cloud' storage."

Berkeley Data Systems provides the server storage and security, which Hayes said includes 128-bit SSL encryption for files during transit and 448-bit Blowfish encrypted servers to keep data secure once it's in residence. The online backup is designed to run in the background and provides what Fabrik calls "nearly continuous" protection.

Hayes said that the default setting for when the online backup kicks in when your computer has around 60 percent of it's resources available, but you can adjust that to any value you want through the user interface. He said you can also schedule backups to take place at regular daily or weekly intervals.

SimpleTech Pro Drive Family
Stacked Storage: Fabrik's family of SimpleTech Pro drives comes in three, stackable flavors and feature both local and offsite data backup capabilities.

SimpleTech Pro Drive Family
The three stackable members of the SimpleTech Pro Drive family include the entry-level Simple Drive, the mid-level Pro Drive and the high-end Duo Pro Drive. Fabrik's goal, Hayes said, was to design drives that were high performing, reliable and easy to use. All three of the drives are both Mac and PC compatible.

The drive capacities range from 250GB up to 2 terabytes, and they connect via USB 2.0. Both the Pro and Duo Pro drives (which also includes a USB 2.0 connection), also feature an eSATA interface connection, which Fabrik said provides a 3 gigabit-per-second data transfer speed, approximately six times faster than USB 2.0 and Firewire connections.

While the Simple and the Pro drives feature a single hard drive, The Duo Pro drive comes with two, and it can support RAID 0 (data spans both disks for faster performance) and RAID 1 (one disk holds an exact data copy of the other for data security).

Simple Drive
USB 2.0, Fabrik Local Backup and Fabrik Ultimate Backup (2GB account), stackable design, one 7,200 rpm drive, Kensington lock slot. Capacity and price: 250GB ($99), 320GB ($129.99) and 500GB ($169.99).

Pro Drive
USB 2.0 and eSATA II interface, 7,200 rpm drive; Fabrik Local Backup and Fabrik Ultimate Backup (2GB account), stackable design; cooling fan, Kensington lock slot. Capacity and price: 500GB ($299.99), 750GB ($329.99) and 1T ($529.99).

Duo Pro Drive
USB 2.0 and eSATA II interface, two 7,200 rpm drives; RAID 0 and RAID 1; Fabrik Local Backup and Fabrik Ultimate Backup (2GB account), stackable design, cooling fan, Kensington lock slot. Capacity and price: 1T ($399.99), 1.5T ($599.99) and 2T ($799.99).

If your computer lacks an eSATA interface, Fabrik sells eSATA PCI and eSATA PCI Express cards and cables for $49 and $79 respectively.

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This article was originally published on October 18, 2007
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