Plug a Hammer Into Your Network

By SmallBusinessComputing.com Staff
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Hammer Storage, a part of Bell Microproducts, has announced a new one-terabyte networked storage box with a 2T version due later in August. While networked storage isn't new, Hammer says the MyShare offers features and simplicity at a price its competitors can't match.

Aimed at small office and consumer customers, the MyShare is designed to store and share all manner of digital content across a network – even networks that consist of PCs, Macs or Linux-based computers.

Andy Dorian, a Hammer product manager, says that MyShare lets everyone in the office share storage and access files. "You don’t need to buy external hard drives for each person. Plug in the MyShare and provide everyone on the network with centralized access," he says. Dorian also says you can configure the device for remote access, making all its contents accessible through a Web browser from anywhere in the world.

The MyShare box plugs into the network router via a one Gigabit interface. Two USB ports let you plug in up to two additional external drives or up to two USB printers – which can then be shared by everyone on the network. Plugging the appliance into a wireless router lets mobile workers access files and print without connecting physically to the network.

 MyShare network storage appliance
MyShare by Hammer Storage: Plug one terabyte of storage into your network.

Hardware and Security
The MyShare contains two 500GB SATA II 7,200 RPM hard drives, and Dorian says it's designed for 24/7 operation. By default, the system comes set up as a single span, meaning the entire terabyte is available for use. Also by default, MyShare comes preconfigured with Public, Private, Admin and Guest folders already in place.

In addition, says Dorian, unlike other network storage boxes, there's no need to install software on individual computers prior to using MyShare. Other ease-of-use features include a single button designed to let you copy files from a different storage device (think USB Flash drive) or digital camera directly into MyShare.

MyShare also supports RAID 0 and 1. Configuring for RAID 1 for data protection makes a duplicate of all your data and thus reduces the amount of useable storage by half. Should one drive fail, you still have all of your data on the second disk.

Dorian says MyShare supports Active Directory and offers other security features such as letting you administer individual and group admissions and password-restricting access to data by folder. You can also use Windows Backup Utility to backup your data to the MyShare on a scheduled basis.

The 1T MShare is currently available and sells for $499 (MSRP). Hammer plans to release a 2T version in August, but pricing is not yet available.

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This article was originally published on March 29, 2007
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