D-Link Delivers More Wireless Goodies

By SmallBusinessComputing.com Staff
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D-Link recently introduced a compact wireless print server designed to add a convenient way to hookup office PCs to a printer with out running cables. The D-Link Air DP-311P is a one-port wireless print server that plugs directly into a standard parallel printer port. The wireless device gives small offices the ability to share a printer among multiple PCs and laptops.

"The new one-port wireless print server adds convenience to the wireless network," said Steven Joe, President of D-Link. "Now the printer can be placed anywhere within the wireless network and shared among every user, all without running cables."

Plugging directly to a standard parallel port printer with a Centronics connector, the D-Link DP-311P Wireless Print Server provides 802.11b wireless connectivity so that documents can be printed from multiple PCs and laptops on the network.

The D-Link DP-311P Wireless Print Server is an 802.11b compliant device, ensuring compatibility with 802.11b/g standards-based networking devices, and it supports all major network operating systems and protocols. The D-Link DP- 311P features integrated 64/128-bit wired equivalent privacy (WEP) encryption, designed to keep network trespassers at bay. Setup and configuration utilizes a Web browser and includes a Windows-based administrative program for easy administration. The unit also features an external removable antenna for optimum radio reception.

The D-Link Air DP-311P Print Server will be available through authorized retail, reseller, and distribution partners in mid-July at a price of $149.99. The D-Link Air Wireless Network Print Server comes with a one-year warranty along with free technical support and firmware updates.

In related news, D-Link introduced its first compact wireless universal serial bus (USB) adapter that works seamlessly across both Windows and Macintosh-based operating systems. The D-Link Air DWL-122 Wireless Network USB Adapter can wirelessly connect to a local network from a desktop PC without opening the computer case, and that same adapter can go on the road with any USB 1.1-equipped laptop. The sleek, compact USB wireless adapter gives users a flexible and affordable solution to connect to home and office networks, as well as Internet hotspots.

The wireless USB adapter provides an 802.11b wireless connection with data transfer rates of up to 11Mbps to any desktop or laptop computer by plugging directly into a standard USB port. Because it pulls power from the USB, the D-Link wireless adapter doesn't require a separate power source. The adapter comes with an extension cable so the adapter can be placed in the best location to connect with the strongest signal.

The D-Link Air DWL-122 Wireless Network USB Adapter is an 802.11b compliant device, ensuring compatibility with 802.11b/g standards-based networking devices, and it supports both Apple Mac OS X (10.x and later) and Windows XP/2000/ME/98SE operating systems. Because it connects to any USB 1.1 or greater port, the D-Link DWL-122 can move from a desktop computer to a laptop system, without blocking the PC Card slot. For security, the D-Link DWL-122 features integrated 64/128-bit WEP encryption.

The D-Link Air DWL-122 Wireless Network USB Adapter is available through authorized retailers and resellers for $49.99. The unit also comes with a one-year warranty and free technical support.
This article was originally published on July 08, 2003

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