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By Lauren Simonds
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Egnyte On Demand File Server costs $15 per month per power-user. Standard users are free, and you can have an unlimited number of them. A power-user has complete access to all of the File Server's features.

Standard users don't have access to two of the service's premiere features: They can't backup data or e-mail from their computers, and they can only access the file server with a Web browser – they don't get direct desktop access.

The pricing for Egnyte includes unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth.

A Customer Perspective

Mari Anne Vanella is the CEO of the Vanella Group, a marketing firm for high-tech companies. Her 10-person team provides enterprise-level companies with high-quality telesales lead-generation solutions. "We help our clients penetrate an organization at the C-level," she said. With a roster that includes SAP, Cisco and HP, her client list reads like a Who's Who in high-tech.

Vanella started using the Egnyte On Demand File Server three months ago on the advice of a business colleague. "Most of my clients rely on CRM software to track sales leads," said Vanella. "We enter our lead-generation reports into their CRM system, but our customers would have to drill down several levels to get to our reports."

Now, in addition to adding their reports into the customers' CRM systems, Vanella's team puts their lead profiles in a shared folder on the Egnyte server, which Vanella said makes it much easier for her customers to get primary information.

"All sales guys care about is lead reports," she said. "The Egnyte shared folder has become my clients' preferred method. They no longer have to go into the CRM system, run a report and then search through layers of detail to get the information they need to close deals."

Vanella acknowledged that adding the data to a shared folder is an extra step for her team, but it's made her clients much happier. "It's a huge value to them. It's easier for them to see project results and easier to justify their budgets."

No one ever enjoys learning a new business process. Vanella said she was surprised and pleased with how easy it was, and how little time it took, to learn the ins and outs of Egnyte. "I learned this solution in like 10 to 15 minutes. Nobody has time to stop and learn a new technology. This was painless."

Lauren Simonds is the managing editor of SmallBusinessComputing.com

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This article was originally published on May 07, 2008
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