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By Daniel Casciato
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Know Where You are Connecting
A favorite way for hackers to access your laptop data is by setting up what is known as an "evil twin," according to Siciliano.

"This is a known hack where an identity thief sets up a wireless access point where you may connect to thereby filtering all your data through their network," said Siciliano. "They may even set up a network calling themselves T-Mobile. If you connect, look for SSL certificates (https) to distinguish the real from the fake." [For more on evil twins, read “When ‘Free Public Wi-Fi is Bad.’”]

Disable File-Sharing
Another way to protect your data is to disable all file and printing sharing options. "If you do have to enable file and printer sharing make sure you have a password on your laptop when you log in and you have disabled the guest account," Tremel said. "You don't want someone coming along and downloading all of your files."

In addition to safeguarding your data, there are a few other basic tips for those who want to lead a bedouin lifestyle. If you want a faster connection, Tremel advises mobile workers to maximize their connection speed by sitting closer to access points.

"The farther you are away from the access point, the slower your connection is going to be," he said. "Depending on the size of the location there could be several access points. Your best bet is to sit in a central location because this will give you the best option of having a good signal which will provide the best transfer rate."

If you can’t acquire a good signal, Tremel recommends asking where the access point is or walking around with your laptop until you get a good signal.

When surfing the Internet, Taylor urges bedouins to respect the business whose space you are using. "Don’t download illegal software or otherwise jeopardize the hospitality of the café you are at," Taylor said. 

Working nomadically can be draining at times, so social interaction is important.

"It can be slightly odd if the only person-to-person contact you have is with your bus driver or waiter or waitress," said Carey. "Arrange to meet friends or colleagues for lunch at least once or twice a week. Make an effort to meet people for occasional normal human interactions, and trust me, you'll feel energized afterward."

Finally, Carey added that bedouins should choose different cafés to work from.

"Don't just pick your local Starbucks and go there all the time," he said. "Variety is the spice of life. Think of this as having a dozen different offices. Find cool bookshops or bars that have hotspots and hang out there from time to time. The change of scene might be an inspiration."

For more on how to use hotspots safely, read “Hotspot Safety for Business Users” and “The Wi-FiPlanet Guide to Hotspot Safety.”

Adapted from Wi-FiPlanet.com.

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This article was originally published on February 27, 2008
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