Viruses, Spammers and Worms, Oh My

Email &#151 a necessary business tool with a decidedly dark side &#151 can carry a host of ever-evolving viruses, worms and spam directly into the heart of any wired company. How can a small business owner hope to keep up with the onslaught &#151 especially if there’s no dedicated IT staff? Simply take the problem off your plate and let a managed service, like MX Logic, take over the task. You’ll have the comfort of 24/7 protection, and you’ll have more time for doing what you do best: running your business.

Painless Purchase and Set Up

MX Defense quarantine screen

MX Logic’s MX Defense products protect your email and quarantine viral threats.

In business since 2000, the Denver, CO-based MX Logic recently opened an online store to make it easy for SMBs to order and activate the company’s email defense services. According to Belinda Bauer, vice president of marketing, it takes one business day to get the coverage up and running. “A customer comes to our storefront site, chooses from one of three MX Defense packages and receives comprehensive, cost-effective protection against viruses, worms, inappropriate content, phishing scams and denial-of-service flooding attacks.”

MX Logic scans and manages their client’s email and blocks unwanted mail based on criteria provided by the individual company &#151 letting the customer decide what constitutes spam. The company also provides sophisticated email quarantining for viral attacks.

Levels of Protection

MX Logic offers three packages &#151 MX Defense I, II and III &#151 that all include the same basic features. Packages II and III add incremental virus and worm scanning capabilities for slightly higher fees. Here’s how it breaks down:

MX Defense I: $19.95 per month for up to 20 people; ninety cents per month for each additional person.

  • Comprehensive Spam Blocking &#151 Blocks 98 percent of spam and eliminates associated costs
  • Inbound Content and Attachment Filtering &#151 Reduces business liability and risk
  • Email Attack Protection &#151 Shields an organization’s email from vulnerability and attack
  • Advanced Administrative and Reporting Portal &#151 Enables easy and effective email filtering management
  • Quarantine Management &#151 Offers sophisticated, quarantine management for end users and administrators
  • Automatic, Around-the-Clock Monitoring &#151 Features automatic, real-time messaging protection

MX Defense II: $24.95 per month for up to 20 people; $1.25 per month for each additional person.

  • Provides double virus and worm protection. Includes MX Logic’s proprietary virus scanning engine and one anti-virus engine from either McAfee or Sophos

MX Defense III: $29.95 per month for up to 20 people; $1.50 per month for each additional person.

  • Provides triple protection. Includes MX Logic’s proprietary virus scanning engine and both McAfee and Sophos anti-virus engines

Bauer points out that MX Logic is “the first managed service that has launched an online storefront. Our customers wanted a simple, affordable way to buy our products. And we listened.”

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