Brother’s Latest Scanners Hasten Digital Transformation

Digital transformation, the transition from old-school business processes to hyper-connected mobile-, cloud- and even IoT-enabled workflows, is an appealing notion for small businesses looking to pounce on new growth opportunities at lightning speeds. Too bad all those paper documents keep getting in the way.

Brother just released two new high-speed scanners, the ADS-2200 and ADS-2700W, that can help small and home-based businesses quickly turn any dead-tree document that crosses their path into a part of their digital workflows. Try as one might, some folks won’t give you their business unless they get to sign on the dotted line. And that dotted line is often on a physical piece of paper.

Suitable for a desktop, both the Brother ADS-2200 and ADS-2700W wireless scanners can make quick work out of a stack of documents that a client foists on an entrepreneur. It can automatically scan 35 pages per minute, color or black and white, digitizing documents in no time.

Brother's Latest Scanners Hasten Digital Transformation

The Brother ADS-2200 plugs into a USB 2.0 port and features a 50-sheet feeder. It works with Windows, Mac and Linux systems and supports popular standards (TWAIN, WIA, ICA and SANE), offering businesses flexibility in how they deploy and use the scanner. The sells for $329.99.

The Brother ADS-2700W ($399.99) connects wirelessly to small business networks, so it can be placed conveniently in any environment. Its Auto Start Scan feature, allows users to set where they want their document scans to end up, giving their business processes and workflows a digital head start.

And they handle more than the typical 8.5-inch by 11-inch sheet of paper. They can digitize content on a variety of paper sizes, including receipts and plastic ID cards.

“Small businesses today find themselves with seemingly unending lists of tasks, one of which is converting important paper documents to digital files,” said David Fisher, senior product marketing manager for Scanners at Brother. “Knowing the importance of these files as well as the need for efficiency for small business owners, the new Brother ADS-2200 and ADS-2700W scanners are fast, accurate, and come with easy conversion options to ensure documents are manageable and accessible.”

According to Brother, the average document spawns many more copies of itself as it makes it way around the typical office environment. Each document is copied nine to 11 times, in fact. As a business’ filing cabinets fill up, it can require more human oversight. Every 12 filing cabinets requires one employee to effectively track and manage.

Compact and able to fit in practically anywhere, the ADS-2200 and ADS-2700W can help small businesses and home offices reclaim space lost to filing cabinets. Instead of rifling through overstuffed (physical) file folders and stacks of paper documents—risking a paper cut, no less—the Brother ADS-2200 and ADS-2700W scanners turn them into digital files that can be incorporated into digital workflows, shared with colleagues and more.

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