How to Spot Phishing Email in 5 Easy Steps

By Paul Mah
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You may be familiar with the term phishing, but how good are you -- or your employees -- at spotting a phishing attack? Given how effective phishing attacks are at fooling people into divulging personal or company information, it's an important skill to hone to improve small business security -- and one that most people lack.

Our sister site, ITBE.com lays out five simple steps to identify a phishing message in this slideshow.

From the network breach at RSA to theft of intellectual property in Operation Aurora, it is no secret that some of the most visible hacking involves the use of spear phishing. A targeted form of phishing that is custom-made for a specific organization, a spear phishing email message seeks to elicit a desired action that could result in a Trojan being loaded, or the unintended leaking of confidential or privileged data.

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This article was originally published on February 03, 2012
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