How iOS Defies Traditional Security

By Robert McGarvey
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Are your employees clamoring to use their iPads and iPhones at work? Or, a more likely scenario, are your employees simply using their iOS devices to access your company's network, sanctioned or not?

If you have concerns about iOS security, you might want to take a page from the enterprise. While they are bigger and have more resources, they've been dealing with the non-traditional nature of iOS security for some time, so why not learn from them?

This article from our colleagues at eSecurityPlanet discusses some of the challenges to locking down an iOS device in the workplace.

The problem for security professionals staring at a relentless onslaught of iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) that want entree to the corporate network is this: you cannot do much at all to secure those devices. It's out of your hands. When it comes to iOS devices, it is In-Cupertino you must trust.

Read the complete article: The iOS, iPad, iPhone ... iEverything Security Conundrum


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This article was originally published on September 06, 2011
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