Is Your Android Smartphone at Risk?

By David Needle | Posted March 03, 2011
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That smartphone in your pocket isn’t just a phone, it's a bona fide computer. As such it's just as vulnerable to malware and malicious attacks as any computer. Case in point: the recent incident in Google's Android Market, where malware was discovered in 20 mobile apps.

Our sister site, EmterpriseMobileToday.com has the details on what happened and how your personal information could be at risk.

The growing popularity of app stores for mobile applications has attracted the attention of malicious hackers hoping to spread malware that could potentially compromise a user's security and expose personal information.

The latest example is a report that Google had to scramble this week to pull at least 20 applications from its Android Market after the website Android Police reported that they were infected with malware.

Read the complete article: Malware Discovered in Android Market

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