FTC Report Supports Online Privacy, Do-Not-Track Registry

By Kenneth Corbin
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Online marketers and publishers collect a lot of information about consumers as they travel along the Internet. This has privacy advocates concerned and the marketing industry on the defense as the FTC considers whether a regulated mechanism is needed to protect individual privacy.

The FTC's report on the subject is now out, and it lays out specific recommendations for dealing with the contentious topic. Out sister site, eSecurityPlanet.com, has the full report.

The Federal Trade Commission has released a long-anticipated report recommending steps Web companies and advertisers can take to protect consumer privacy, appealing to the industry to develop a "do-not-track" registry for consumers to opt out of behavioral targeting systems.

Read the complete article: FTC Privacy Report Advocates 'Do-Not-Track' List

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This article was originally published on December 02, 2010
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