Last-Minute Gifts for the Palm in Your Hand

By Troy Dreier
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Pocket PCs/Windows Mobile
Memory cards: It may not seem to be the most imaginative gift, but an extra Compact Flash or Secure Digital (SD)card is sure to be appreciated. Give someone a memory card, and you're actually letting them carry more files, songs, or games than they could before, and that can be a lifesaver. Cards are easy to find at any computer or electronics store and come in a wide range of storage amounts and prices.

Screen Protectors:Inexpensive and always useful, packs of screen protectors make handy token gifts for when you need to buy a co-worker a little something. Check out the packs from VSPS.com, which cost only $4.00 for a pack of 10.

Infiniter XP

Pen or Stylus: A pen or a stylus is a great gift, since most PDA users stick with the plastic stylus that comes with their devices. They come in a range of prices, so you can pick either a bargain model or a luxury executive version.

Some of our favorites include the Infiniter XP — works as a pen, stylus, laser pointer, and flashlight — and also the PenAgain — an ideal ergonomic choice for people who have difficulty holding a stylus. It comes in either pen or stylus versions. If you really want to make an impression, go with the Rotring Initial Data, an elegant, classic fountain pen that includes a stylus.

Pen Again

Cases: Don't let your favorite handheld user stick with the lousy case that came with his or her device: help them upgrade to a better one. E&B Cases has a variety of great styles for every device. You can select from simple cases with belt clips, all the way to executive leather models that have room for notes and business cards.

Electrical Converters: Frequent flyers will appreciate a nice kit of electrical converters, knowing that wherever they roam, they'll be able to power up their PDA (and laptop and cell phone). Check out the kits at Le Travel Store for a nice variety with something for any budget.

Palm Platform Devices


Veo SD Photo Traveler: Palm organizers can do a lot, but few of them have a built-in camera. With the Photo Traveler ($129), your gift recipient can take photos with a Tungsten T5 or other model with an SD slot. All he or she needs to do is pop the camera into the SD slot and start shooting. The attachment is so small, that's its easy to keep on hand in a purse or briefcase. (Veo is also available for Pocket PCs.)


Cases: Do you know a Palm user who's risking scratches by carrying his Palm without a case? Then you've got the opportunity to give him a gift he'll use every day. We like the elegance and simplicity of the leather Book Case, but if your recipient is a true organization freak, then he'll appreciate the comprehensiveness of the T5 Folio which has room for pads of paper, pens, business cards and more.

Keyboard: Turn a Palm into a notebook in one simple, affordable step: plug in a keyboard. Then you can type documents on planes, quickly answer e-mail from hotel rooms, and give that stylus a rest for a while. Palm.com sells them for most models for around $70.

Palm Keyboard

GPS Navigator: A Palm becomes a perfect driving companion with the GPS Navigator, which provides full-color maps for the US and Canada, letting your frequent traveler know how to get where he's going every step of the way. The system also provides voice-guided directions, so that your recipient doesn't need to keep looking away from the road.

Noise-canceling headphones: This is an ideal gift for someone who owns a Palm LifeDrive and travels frequently. A pair of noise-canceling headphones will let him or her enjoy songs as he or she were meant to sound, without any disturbing airplane engine noise.

Bose Headphones

Software:You can give the gift of software in two ways. Either go to Palm's site and select an expansion card program that you can wrap up and give, or go to the popular site Handango and buy a gift certificate. Buying an expansion card program means you know exactly what you're getting, but a gift certificate lets the recipient decide.

Cases: We're crazy about Marware's iPod cases, and we were happy to discover they make two cell phone cases, as well. One model is specifically meant for Palm Treos ($25), while the other, the C.E.O. Elite ($20, comes in three sizes and can fit a wide range of smartphones or standard cell phones.

Treo TripKit: Nothing could be better for the traveling Treo 650 user than this TripKit, which provides everything the frequent business flyer could ask for and bundles it in a handsome leather package. It includes a lambskin case with magnetic closure, a Bluetooth headset, a car charger, an extra battery, a stylus pen and an international travel charger.


Bluetooth Keyboard: Why type with your thumbs when you can use all your fingers? BlackBerryStuff.com sells this compact $95 keyboard (it folds up small when not in use) for BlackBerry addicts whose thumbs are sore from all that messaging.

Cases: That BlackBerry doesn't have to be black. The official BlackBerry store carries cases in a rainbow of pastel shades to help your wireless companion show its softer side.

BlackBerry Case

Software:That BlackBerry is good for more than just e-mail. Give your favorite CrackBerry addict a gift certificate to Handango, which carries a huge assortment of downloads for the BlackBerry.

Other Devices
Many of the accessories and software recommended above are equally valid for other types of handsets and PDAs. These would include the many devices built on Nokia's S60 platform (formally Series 60) and Sony Ericsson's UIQ interface phones, including the P900 Series — all of which are built on the Symbian smartphone platform.

A case, extra memory, a gift certificate for new software, etc. would surely bring a smile to the faces of owners of these devices as well.

Adapted from smartphonetoday.com.

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This article was originally published on December 15, 2005
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