Excellence in Technology Awards: Make Your Nominations

By SmallBusinessComputing.com Staff
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Excellence in Technology Awards: Nominate the Best of 2004<
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It's one thing to know that technology can save you time and money, but it's quite another to identify the products and services that will help you better serve your customers or help wring profits from sales.

Some of you have also learned the hard way that while the right the hardware, software and services are invaluable, making the wrong technology decision can cripple a business. Whew, no pressure.

To help SMBs get it right the first time, we're asking for your help. Over the course of 2004, did you buy, lease or subscribe to a product or service that deserves recognition? If so, please take a few minutes to nominate the tools your business can't do without. Click here for the Eligibility Guidelines.

The editors of SmallBusinessComputing, ECommerce-Guide, Webopedia, WinPlanet and Hardware Central have identified 24 product categories, which are organized into three sections: Hardware, E-Commerce and Software/Services. We realize that you won't be able to make a nomination in each category, but we encourage you to nominate in as many categories as you feel comfortable.

We'll keep the nomination process open until Nov. 23. On Dec. 2, we'll post a list of finalists so you can pick the winners. And on January 24, 2005, we'll announce the winners.

This article was originally published on October 15, 2004
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