True or False: 5 Wireless Networking Assumptions

Ever feel like there’s so much conflicting information out there you can’t possibly make a decision? Small business network security is a prime example, especially when it comes to wireless networking. But don’t despair. We clear the air on five of the most common pieces of conventional Wi-Fi wisdom. eSecurityPlanet has the full story.

When you’re reading up on Wi-Fi security, you’ll find many different interpretations and opinions. One might say disabling SSID broadcasting will hide your network, while others might say it just draws hackers into an easy job. Some might think WPA encryption is cracked, while others say it’s secure. Here we look at each myth and tell you whether it’s verified–or busted.

Myth: WEP encryption can be cracked in minutes.

Verdict: Trusted. WEP encryption can be cracked in minutes.

After nearly a decade now, it’s no secret. The Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) encryption standard, developed by the IEEE, can be cracked. In some cases, it can even be cracked in minutes. So, count this myth as True.

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