First Look: WebSecure Protects Web Users’ Security and Privacy

Wayne N. Kawamoto
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Security and privacy software provider Zero-Knowledge Systems announced the immediate availability of Freedom WebSecure, a new service that provides Internet users with a secure and private connection to the Web from any location.

According to the company, WebSecure protects against invasive programs and websites that log and track users’ online activities, surfing habits, and personal information, and it neutralizes potential privacy and security threats from IP tracking, malicious scripts or codes, active content, cookies, and online advertisements. It may be a powerful application for enterprise customers engaging in competitive intelligence research.

Zero-Knowledge Systems claims that WebSecure does the following:

* Encrypts and reroutes users’ connection requests through Freedom WebSecure proxy servers so that Web sites cannot track their computer IP address and personal information.

* Prevents Websites, advertisers, spammers or hackers from building detailed profiles about users’ surfing habits, online activities and personal interests such as financial, medical, career or any other personal topics.

* Removes security and privacy threats on the pages users visit so that websites cannot use executable files or scripts to monitor users’ online activities.

* Allows users to block active content (such as Java, JavaScript, VBScript and ActiveX) and cookies that can run programs on users’ computers, compromising their privacy and security.

* Allows users to block advertisements, speed up their connection and enjoy a faster and safer browsing experience.

* Can be accessed from any PC at any time with easy controls directly in the toolbar.

Freedom WebSecure is one of several Zero-Knowledge products. The Freedom family of security and privacy services also includes Freedom Personal Firewall, Freedom ParentalControl, Freedom Anti-Virus (coming soon) and Freedom Security & Privacy Suite.

Freedom WebSecure is compatible with Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, Me and XP operating systems, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 (SP2) and higher. It requires a minimum 56Kbps modem or LAN-based connection using Microsoft TCP/IP, (A)DSL, or cable modem.

Availability and Pricing
Available at a special introductory price, Freedom WebSecure costs US $49.95 for a one-year subscription and may be purchased at

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