Computer Security � What? You Worry?

Trend Micro says that according to its research, 85 percent of small and mid-sized businesses want a vendor to advise them of security threats and provide guidance. Going a step further, 72 percent say they want only limited involvement in responding to outbreaks of spyware, spam, trojans and other forms of malware.

In short, it seems, small businesses don’t want to have to worry about security. In response to its findings, the anti-virus and security company today announced the first phase of what it describes as its “Worry-Free Security” initiative for small businesses.

The initiative, according to David Perry, director of global education at Trend Micro, is aimed at companies that have little or no IT support to manage network security. The first fruit of the initiative includes Client Server Security for SMB 3.0 and Client Server Messaging Security for SMB 3.0. The former offers anti-virus, firewall and vulnerability assessment features. The Messaging version adds anti-spam, anti-phishing and e-mail filtering.

The overall theme of the “Worry-Free Security” initiative includes three areas: automatic threat protection, integrated defense against multiple threats and zero administration. All three areas are based on an automated security shield that’s meant to protect your business while minimizing the need for 24/7 IT support.

“When a small business has five, six or seven people, they start to look at a server,” said David Perry, director of global education at Trend Micro. Of course, since small businesses typically lack IT resources, the responsibility to ensure that the network is protected falls to other people within the organization. Perry said that when Trend Micro surveyed the people who buy anti-virus products for small businesses, the number one answer for job title was accountant.

Of course, with the number of viruses, worms, trojans and so on to count, having an accountant may not be such a bad idea.

Perry said that the volume of threats continues to increase dramatically. “A virus used have five or six variants. Now, it’s into double-digits.” To help business deal with those threats, Trend Micro implements policy-based protection as soon as a threat emerges. These policies are sent out while the company develops more sophisticated virus patterns (or signatures).

“When the pattern is released, the policy is automatically deleted,” Perry said. This type of automation is one of driving forces behind the “Worry-Fee Security” concept, he said, adding that the term automation has been “abused by the industry.”

The products also offer a Web-based monitoring tool that automatically scans, prioritizes and identifies vulnerabilities. “When small companies get into trouble and realize they need help, they tend to call the person who installed their network or turn to a computer-guru friend,” Perry said. The monitoring tool is designed to let a small business tap those resources.

Trend Micro Client Server Security for SMB 3.0 and Client Server Messaging Security for SMB 3.0 will be available in early November for $23.63/seat for 101 seats and $45.15/seat for 101 seats, respectively.

Trend Micro also announced Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security 2006, the latest version in its home and small office line.

The new version is designed to combine new anti-phishing security with enhanced anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-spam protection. The anti-phishing feature scans every incoming e-mail, which is subject to 16 tests, according to Bob Hansmann, senior product marketing manager. Hansmann said the tests are “proprietary and weighted for each of 16 different things.”

The price remains $49.95 and a $24.95 renewal/upgrade fee. However, Hansmann said, a three pack is also available for small offices. For $79.95 you get one disc but three licenses for PC-cillin Internet Security 2006.

Dan Muse is executive editor of’s Small Business Channel, EarthWeb’s Networking Channel and ServerWatch.

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