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In March, our cover story (“Guerilla Ergonomics”) reported on new rules from OSHA that would have held small business owners liable for meeting complex regulations regarding workplace ergonomics. It’s tough enough to run a business; this would have placed a huge burden on CEOs to study and follow arcane Federal standards.

Well, on March 7, Congress put OSHA in its place, rejecting the new rules. For the moment, small businesses are safe from these stringent standards, but will they be in the future?

Almost every small business has struggled to keep up with Federal regulations and to build safe, comfortable workspaces for themselves and their employees. You are not alone, and this is your chance to see how others have faced these problems. Send us an email to let our readers know:

–Should the government regulate small business workplaces like they do for big corporations?

–How much time and money do you spend on ergonomics?

–What has been your experience dealing with employee comfort and safety? Did you ever have to fight OSHA or a similar government agency?

This is your chance to speak out (and get a little publicity)! The best responses will be published in a forthcoming issue of Small Business Computing. Let’s hear it! Click here to send us your responses.

Small Business Computing Staff
Small Business Computing Staff
Small Business Computing addresses the technology needs of small businesses, which are defined as businesses with fewer than 500 employees and/or less than $7 million in annual sales.
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