Iomega REVs up to SCSI

Adding to its already extensive line of REV storage products, Iomega today announced the REV SCSI 35GB/90GB Drive.

The company is targeting small businesses looking to cut costs by replacing entry-level SCSI-based tape drives used to backup servers.

The REV comes in both internal and external models and each includes a single 35GB disk &#151 comparable to entry-level tape drives on the market.

About the size of a deck of cards, the disks can take a lot of abuse without damaging your data. That’s because Iomega builds the sensitive read/write heads and electronics into the drive. Each disk can also hold up to 90GB of compressed data.

High Speed, Low Cost
According to Lake Price, an Iomega product manager, the REV SCSI costs less than most tape drives and offers better performance.

“The REV’s read-write performance runs up to 25MB per second, and that’s faster than tape alternatives,” he says.

“The speed, along with the lower-cost, makes the REV a viable alternative or replacement solution for businesses that rely on tape drives to back up their data.”

Unlike tape drives, REV SCSI offers high-speed data transfers with random access capability.

Iomega estimates the drive can perform over one million rewrites in its lifetime. The company ballparks a disk’s average lifespan at approximately 30 years.

The REV SCSI comes with software for both servers and PCs that lets you back up files &#151 automatically or scheduled &#151 perform full system backup and recovery and compress data.

For servers: Iomega includes a full version of Yosemite TapeWare for REV Drive. It features backup and restore wizards that simplify the disaster recovery process.

For PCs: Iomega’s Automatic Backup Pro Version 3 provides file backup and disaster recovery capability. Once you set up the software, it can automatically backup files that you specify, including multiple revisions.

Compatibility and Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP Home and Professional
  • Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition
  • Windows 2000 Server/Professional/Advanced Server (SP3 and SP4)

  • Iomega's REV SCSI 35GB/90GB Drive
    Iomega’s added a SCSI version to its line of 35GB REV drives.

Price and Availability

  • Available starting 9/15
  • External Iomega REV 35GB drive with SCSI interface: 499.99, with one disk included
  • Internal SCSI model: $449.99, with one disk included
  • PC-formatted disks sold separately: $59.99 each
  • Four-disk pack: $199.95

Other Iomega REV drives

  • USB 2.0 external ($399.99 with one disk included)
  • FireWire external ($399.99 with one disk included)
  • Internal ($379.99 with one disk included)

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