DinCloud Speeds Onboarding Small Business Hires

Hiring new employees not only causes an increase in payroll, but can also cause IT costs to skyrocket. Today, DinCloud, a Gardena, Calif.-based infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider, helps small businesses hire more and keep the IT costs in check.

The company offers small businesses an alternative to the traditional IT route of buying more workstations, servers, networking equipment and assorted software as firms take on more employees—not to mention the personnel required to maintain a small business IT environment. Garret Grajek, DinCloud’s chief security officer says that SMBs no longer have to set up their mini data centers, often a “server closet,” and devote untold amounts of time to get new employees up and running.

Cloud Reduces IT Costs Associated with New Hires

Instead, they can harness the cloud to rapidly onboard new workers—and not a moment too soon.

An improving economic landscape means that the United States is in the midst of a hiring boom, according to Grajek. Simply put, “there’s more hiring,” he told Small Business Computing, voicing an opinion based on the increased activity he observes among his company’s own customer base.

Economy watchers have also noticed. The United States gained 321,000 new jobs in November, the biggest rise in nearly three years. The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s president, Dennis Lockhart described the economy as “hitting on all cylinders” and expects unemployment to continue to fall in 2015.

It’s good news, except for SMBs that lack the technical and financial resources to outfit their employees with the latest tools and technologies they need to get the job done. “Companies want to grow and to expand, but they don’t want to spend any money [on IT],” said Grajek.

Cloud services companies are emerging as go-to providers of enterprise-grade IT solutions—especially for small businesses with big ambitions. DinCloud leverages advanced virtualization and purpose-built orchestration software to help businesses of all sizes provide their employees with mobile-enabled computing capabilities within moments of being hired. Grajek said that the company’s customers range from tiny law firms to corporate giants that like to keep their IT capabilities hush-hush.

Take a Seat Behind a Virtual Desktop

Grajek argues that the days of haggling with resellers, juggling software licenses, and losing days to configuring new employees’ tech environments are over. He adds that the company’s hosted virtual desktop (HVD) platforms, DinHVD and WebHVD, let small businesses provision new employees quickly so they can hit the ground running.

DinHVD lets employees access their workspace, regardless of device. Workers can remain productive whether they log in from a laptop, a PC, an iPad, or an Android device. WebHVD, on the other hand, provides a browser-based experience powered by Google Chrome’s HTML5-compliant engine. By forgoing typical virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) setup and configuration tasks, WebHVD lets small businesses provision ready-to-use desktops in minutes.

DinCloud also helps small businesses become more agile, growing or shrinking their IT environments as their business requirements change. Seasonal or project-based spikes in employee onboarding can be handled with ease. As a small business owner, “I can provision and de-provision quickly,” said Grajek.

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Building Virtual Data Centers

Businesses can tailor their environments and cost-effectively upgrade their IT capabilities with DinCloud’s “virtual private data center” offering called DinServer (Linux and Windows). The product includes a firewall, private virtual servers, networking, and cloud storage.

All told, small businesses can accommodate new hires as quickly and easily as a fully-staffed corporate IT department, if not more so.  “In our world, we spin up an AD [Active Directory server] in a minute,” said Grajek. Active Directory is Microsoft’s popular user identity access and management software platform for businesses.

DinCloud also lifts some major burdens from small business owners, namely security and regulatory compliance, said Grajek, a security specialist whose 30-year career includes stints at RSA, Cisco, and IBM.

Built-in encryption and his company’s facilities and systems, which are monitored by IT professionals, help SMBs extend secure, big business-caliber services to their customers. “Just because you’re small doesn’t mean you aren’t subject to the same regulations,” said Grajek.

Pedro Hernandez is a contributing editor at Small Business Computing. Follow him on Twitter @ecoINSITE.

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