Lock Your Data in a Vault

by Joey Latimer

Netvault 6.03
Rating 98

As your network grows and more computers are added, it’s easy to forget about updating the data backup infrastructure. However, BakBone Software has a solution to help.

NetVault 6.03 is a high performance, network-based backup and restore system designed to perform backups without bringing your business to a crawl. One computer is set up as a NetVault server and the others become NetVault clients. The server is responsible for administering and scheduling data transfers for the clients.

Installing NetVault was much easier than we expected. Our Windows 2000 network is made up of 12 computers, including three servers — two with tape backup devices, and one running a SQL database. The entire process for our network took about an hour and a half. BakBone Software created plug-ins for tricky back ups, like SQL databases, to make the job easier.

Once NetVault was installed, we were amazed at how well it worked. Designating back ups was easy. Scheduling was a dream, as was logging and monitoring. Because NetVault lets multiple jobs read and write to multiple devices in parallel, we were able to perform more than one backup at the same time. In addition, NetVault compresses data prior to sending it across the network increasing performance. Unlike our previous system, that ran for hours every night to simply back up our database, NetVault accomplished the same job — plus several more — in a fraction of the time.

NetVault 6.03 is an excellent choice if you’ve been singing the backup blues. It’s rare that we see such a simple and well-thought out solution.

BakBone Software
$695 for Windows NT/2000 and Linux versions; $2,595 for UNIX configurations

PROS: Powerful; easy-to-use; fast backup solution for networks

CONS: No obvious flaws with this product

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