Intacct Launches Upgraded Online Accounting Program

By Jamie Bsales
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Intacct Corp. has unveiled the latest version of its online financial management and accounting package. Aimed at small and mid-size businesses and their CPAs, Intacct Winter 2010 adds a host of new or improved features, including the Advanced Revenue Management module, an enhanced multi-dimensional general ledger and new Web-based financial processes.

Founded in 2000, Intacct was one of the earliest online application service providers. Originally devised as a way for CPAs and their clients to collaborate and share a company’s financial data without having to physically be in front of the same PC, Intacct has grown to also be an in-house solution for businesses with a financial professional on staff — those that have outgrown Intuit’s QuickBooks, for example — and the company believes the cloud-based model is especially well-suited for small businesses.

Intacct dashboard screenshot
Intacct Winter 2010 features at-a-glance Dashboard views of a company’s financial data tailored to the needs of the CEO, CFO and other managers.

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“Our mindset is: If you’re a small business, why run a system like this yourself,” said Daniel Druker, senior vice president, marketing and business development, at Intacct. “You don’t have to install or configure a thing. We turn it on for you, and you use it as you would Google or Amazon.”

Intacct Winter 2010 brings the power of mid-market accounting and financial management applications to businesses that otherwise couldn’t afford it. The offering enables both GAAP and operational reporting and analysis without the need for additional tools.

The core system includes modules for accounting, purchasing, order management, financial reporting and business intelligence. The company also offers optional modules that deliver multi-currency support, multi-entity support, sales-tax management, inventory management, contract and revenue management and integration with the popular Salesforce.com CRM platform.

New additions to the latest release include handy “dashboard” views for the business owner and key lieutenants, so they can see a snapshot of the company’s financials — cash balances, revenue forecasts, revenue distribution, and so on — at a glance. The company has also added online access to automated workflows for employees to streamline expense reports, purchase requests and more.

Employees, contractors and other workers can now securely create and submit expense reports and purchase requisitions anytime and from anywhere they have an Internet connection. Managers and finance staff receive automated e-mail notifications that their approval is needed, and they can log in from anywhere to review and approve submissions, or they can send back requests for more information. Multiple levels of approvals, detailed audit trails and customizable workflow processes ensure control, audit capability and compliance throughout the process.

Intacct Winter 2010 also features Intacct Advanced Revenue Management, a new application that delivers revenue management capabilities to small businesses. Designed to support companies with even complex multi-element arrangements, Advanced Revenue Management streamlines formerly manual tasks such as allocating recognized and deferred revenue.

Winter 2010’s enhanced multi-dimensional general ledger lets managers track the business in much more detail using up to 12 key metrics — by customer, product, project, and so on — to match how the CEO thinks about the business.

Intacct’s cloud model provides anytime, anywhere access to all this financial data; all you need is a Web browser and an Internet connection. The company’s world-class datacenter (with backups on three continents) offers disaster-proof security for your crucial financial data. Intacct Winter 2010 starts at $400 per month, and is available from many CPAs for as little as $60 per month bundled with their services.

Jamie Bsales is an award-winning technology writer and editor with more than 15 years of experience covering the latest hardware, software and Internet products and services.

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This article was originally published on February 03, 2010
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