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By Helen Bradley
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Enable the Replace Current Subtotals checkbox and the Summary Below Data checkbox, but unless you really want a page break between each item, disable the Page Break Between Groupscheckbox. Click OK and Excel will automatically subtotal the data for you, and in doing so it will create an outline based on these subtotals.

It is also possible to group this worksheet data so that you can hide columns B and C in addition to the grouped rows. So, with the outline already in place, manually add the grouping to columns B and C by selecting these columns and group them by choosing Data tab > Group > Group.

» Outlines and Views

When you’re working on a worksheet with a lot of data and multilevel outlines you can create the expanded or compressed outlines as Custom Views so that you can return to them anytime. To do this, display your worksheet data as you want to see it — think of this as version #1. Now, from the View tab select Custom Views, click Add, type a name for the view, and then click OK.

Now let's change the outlining display to your version #2. Look for the worksheet data by expanding or compressing the grouped items.

Save this layout as a second view with a different name. Then, when you’re done you can then select the Custom Views button, click a View by name and click Show to display it.

The worksheet will change to show the outline as it was when you created the view. You can switch between views from the Custom Views menu with two clicks instead of having to reset the outline manually each time.

So, next time you need to summarize the data in your worksheet and reduce it to more manageable levels the outline tool can help you group Excel data in an intelligent way.

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This article was originally published on February 10, 2009
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