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By James Maguire
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Cool iPhone Apps: 65 Free Downloads

53) eBay Mobile
Now there’s no reason to ever be away from the earth’s biggest online marketplace. Specially designed to run natively on the iPhone. Includes multi-language and international support.

54) Lose It!
Helps you attain your weight loss goals by tracking your calorie consumption. When we know the calorie cost of that cheesecake, we’re less likely to consume it (we hope).

55) Flashlight
Your iPhone is more than phone/Web surfing tool – it’s also a small flashlight that helps you find your keys in the dark.

56) Google Earth
Arguably one of the most profound apps ever created for the iPhone, Google Earth allows you to see vantage points across the planet – mountains, cities, oceans. Stunningly, it offers high-res imagery for about half the globe’s population. Now: Google Earth has started showing the ocean floor. Cool!

57) Dictionary: the Simple Dictionary
With a comparatively small 140,000 definitions, the dictionary won’t bog you down with complexity. Includes sample usages and a tool that helps you find words that “sound like” other words.

cool iphone app,
Lose It!

58) Stanza Book Reader
Read electronic books on your iPhone. Store and categorize books in the organizer. Plus: chose from among the 50,000 free books.

59) iHandy Level Free
A carpenter’s friend, iHandy tells you if a given surface is actually level. Includes calibration capability.

61) Urbanspoon
Helps you find restaurants in your area. Shake it once, see a choice; not happy? Shake it again for another restaurant pick. Filter by neighborhood, cuisine or price.

62) Graphing Calculator
Use your iPhone as a high-res 2D function plotter. Add variables and plot graphs. Includes a custom keyboard to enter variables faster.

cool iphone app,
Google Earth

63) Free Language Translator
Polish to Korean, English to Spanish – helps you speak any language you need, wherever you are in the world.

64) Whiteboard: Collaborative Drawing
Two iPhone users can use a Wi-Fi connection to lay out diagrams (or just doodle) together. Quickly sketch out a concept or a map.

65) iPhone Backgrounds
Wild, colorful, eye-catching and trippy: free, multi-colored backgrounds for your iPhone.

Adapted from ITManagement.earthweb.com.

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This article was originally published on February 06, 2009
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