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By James Maguire
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Cool iPhone Apps: 65 Free Downloads

43) PAC-MAN Lite
Pow! Bam! Splat! An action shoot-em-up game allows you to chose among many weapons, including nuclear bombs. You start the game with a fleet of tanks. How’s that for power?

44) Falling Balls
This one’s popular. A lone hero, trying to avoid enormous balls that are falling from above. (And the thud they make on impact is huge…)

45) Super Monkey Ball Lite
The adorable monkey, trapped in a transparent ball, must find his way to victory. He needs you to twist and turn his world to help him – he’s stuck forever without your help.

46) Stun-O-Matic
Intimidate those pestering bullies by holding up the iPhone and flashing a big threatening lightening. (Alas, in reality it doesn’t turn the iPhone into a taser – but they don’t know that.)

cool iphone app,
Finger Football

47) Duck shoot by Carnival Labs
Can you shoot the ducks as fast as they pop up? Warning: this game is addictive.

48) Finger Football
Play solo or play against a competitor. The football game takes places in a semi-realistic stadium complete with Astroturf.

49) LightBike Free
As you drive the LightBike, it creates walls of light on your track – helping you defeat the lurking cyber-villains.

50) reMovem Free
It’s a pretty impressive game: no guns or bombs, but exceptionally popular among iPhone users. How many balls can you remove?

cool iphone app,

51) BubbleWrap
Take a mental break and see how many of the bubbles you can pop in the short time allotted. Winner of a 2008 iPhone Excellence Award.


52) Remote
Get the most advanced Google search right on your iPhone. Speak your query instead of typing it; search based on your location. Plus: fast access to Google apps like Mail, Talk, Earth, Photos and more.

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This article was originally published on February 06, 2009
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