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By James Maguire
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Cool iPhone Apps: 65 Free Downloads

28) Google Mobile App
Put a Google-powered search box on your iPhone, and it searches both the Web and your phone’s address book. Google Mobile App also connects you to Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs and other applications owned by the search giant.

29) Pageonce Personal Assistant
Combines all your accounts – bank, investing, frequent flier, etc. – together into one convenient pageview so that you can manage your life more conveniently

30) Instapaper
Allows you to send articles you find on the Web to your iPhone. So when you have a few minutes of downtime (say, you’re waiting for a friend) you can catch up on Web news.


31) Labyrinth Lite
Fun game: tilt your phone back and forth to navigate marbles across a smooth floor. Test your skill and focus.

32) Aqua Baller
Attempt to get footballs and basketballs into their goals – compete with your friends across the Web.

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Google Mobile App

33) Sol Free Solitaire
Turn your iPhone into a game center that requires only me, myself and I. This free solitaire game is one of the iPhone’s most popular.

34) The Plateau Lite
The puzzle solver in you will enjoy untangling these onscreen knots. Please, save the orb!

35) Mancala
Move your pieces and capture as much of the board as you can – win at this popular game of “count and capture.” Supports multi-player games over the Net.

36) iBasketball
Shoot baskets right there on your iPhone. Play one-on-one matches, and compete in a timed game to see who can sink more three-pointers.

37) Space Buster lite
The iPhone game based on some classic arcade games of yesteryear. Offers three levels of difficulty.

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38) iShoot Lite
Pow! Bam! Splat! An action shoot-em-up game allows you to chose among many weapons, including nuclear bombs. You start the game with a fleet of tanks. How’s that for power?

39)Sodoku (Free)
With four different skill levels of Sodok, this is one of the iPhone’s most popular apps. Are you up for the advanced level?

40) MazeFinger
With wild visual effects and sound, you’ll race through these (finger-based) mazes like a character in an action thriller.

41) Newton’s Cradle
Check out the forces of gravity and momentum – and space out while watching the hanging balls as they respond to finger swipes. New release features better performance and multi-touch support.

42) Topple
Interesting visual and an upbeat soundtrack enliven this game of stacking and balance. This popular game has won numerous awards, and Macworld calls it a “must have” game.

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This article was originally published on February 06, 2009
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