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By James Maguire
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Cool iPhone Apps: 65 Free Downloads

16) Lie Detector Advanced (Free)
A voice-based lie detector (for fun only) that measures the level of stress in a person’s voice to see if they’re fibbing. Who needs the FBI? Conduct your own lie detector test.

17) Mood Phone
The MoodPhone can (in theory) sense your mood and provide a visual that reflects it: happy, sad, in love, angry. Let the MoodPhone tell you how you feel.

Social Networking and IM

18) Fring
Think of it as a universal IM client: it does AIM, MSN, Google Talk, Skype, Yahoo, ICQ, Twitter. If that’s not enough it also handle VoIP calls over Wi-Fi so you can make free phone calls.

19) Twittelator
Helps manage your Tweet stream – friends, fans and family – by tracking small sub groups, among other functions.

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20) ShoZu
Enables you to take pictures with the iPhone’s built-in camera and – with no hassle – upload them to the Web. Put them on Facebook, a photo sharing site like Picasa, or any Internet site.

21) Facebook for iPhone
Helps you interface with Facebook in numerous ways, including Facebook chat, uploading photos, and finding your friends.

22) MySpace for iPhone
Put the vast world of MySpace on your iPhone – with this app you can socializing with your MySpace friends when you’re on the go.

23) AIM
Connect with your friends via the AIM instant messenger service. This version is completely rebuilt for the iPhone.

News and Information

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USA Today

24) USA Today
What newspaper does colorful pie charts like USA Today? Scan and read stories from sports to politics to fashion to tech.

25) New York Times
America’s newspaper of record has made itself very easy to scan on your iPhone, with articles and photo layouts specially customized.

26) The Weather Channel
Not only find out if rain or sun is coming, but create customizable weather maps and share alerts and forecasts via email.

Personal Productivity

27) Writing Pad
Yes, the iPhone’s tiny keyboard is kind of a hassle to use to write notes. To ease the hassle, Writing Pad enables you to write by dragging your finger along a virtual keyboard. It’s takes some getting used to, but long term it might be easier than pretending you have tiny fingers.

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This article was originally published on February 06, 2009
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