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By Helen Bradley
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» Saving a filter

There is no built-in option for saving a custom filter, so you will need to build each filter manually each time you want to apply it to your data. There is a workaround though that can help in some circumstances — you can save the filtered list as a View.

To do this, click the View tab on the Ribbon and then click the Custom Views button. Click Add and type a name for your view — for example, "owners and managers," and then click OK.

Later, when you need to see your data return to the View tab, click Custom Views, select the view you just created, and click Show. The screen will adjust to show the filtered data — another benefit is that the filter will also have been reapplied so changes to the data will be accounted for.

» New Filter Options

New to Excel 2007 is the ability to filter data based on cell color. So, for example, where you have used conditional formatting to color a range of cells different colors according to the values in the cells, you can filter on these colors. To do this, click the Filter button for the column containing the colored cells and choose Filter by Color and then select the color to filter on.

Excel 2007 also has new Date filtering options. Where you have a column containing dates, you will see that, instead of listing all the dates in the dialog you can filter by year or month or day as desired. You can also use the Date Filters option and select from a number of preset date options such as This Month, Last Month, Year to Date and so on.

» Copying Filtered Data

When you have filtered the data in a worksheet you will encounter problems if you try to copy the data. All the cells are selected and copied by default, not just those which are visible.

To select and copy only the visible cells, select the area to copy, and from the Home tab on the Ribbon, click the Find & Select button, select Go to Special > Visible Cells Only, and then click OK. Now when you copy and paste the data only the cells which were visible on the worksheet will be copied.

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This article was originally published on October 31, 2008
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