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By Joseph Moran
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If you want a way to manage passwords without software that's tied to a particular PC or having to carry a USB key around with you, check out Clipperz, an online password manager that works with Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers. Clipperz consists of a Javascript application that encrypts your information on your computer before transmitting it to the Clipperz servers, which prevents either Clipperz or another party from accessing your stored data.

To create a Clipperz account, click on the Register button in the upper right corner of the page. Just like KeePass, Clipperz will give you feedback about the strength of your password through a color indicator (you'll have to use at least 22 characters to make it to green). For obvious reasons, Clipperz doesn't keep a record of your passphrase, so it can't be of any help if you forget it. Therefore be sure to write it down somewhere in a secure place (and we don't mean on a Post-It Note stuck to your monitor).

Once you're at the Welcome to Clipperz page, click the Tools tab (upper right) and then the Bookmarklet link (left margin), and add the Clipperz bookmarklet to either Firefox or IE using the instructions shown.

Now point your browser to a site's sign-in page and click the Add to Clipperz bookmarklet. This will open a small window containing the code for the login process. Copy this code to your clipboard using the mouse or Ctrl-C, then click the Cards tab and the Add New Card button. Paste the code you just copied into the Direct login confirmation box, Click Direct Login just above that, and then click the Create button. Finally, fill in the fields for your user name and password, and click the Save button.

The entry you just created should now be listed under the Cards and Direct logins heading. Clicking the latter will automatically log you into the site, while selecting a card and then clicking Edit will let you view or modify the information saved for that site.

Both KeePass and Clipperz can help you use stronger passwords without having to commit endless strings of gobbledygook to memory. Of course, this is just a basic look at how these tools work; for information on additional features and capabilities for each program, be sure to check the KeePass help file or the Clipperz online documentation and FAQ. Last but not least, if you decide to keep using either one, consider making a donation to the developers (both accept PayPal).

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This article was originally published on March 14, 2008
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