The Linux Alternative to Windows 8

By Sean Michael Kerner | Posted March 29, 2012
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The approaching advent of Windows 8 might well be a big opportunity for the Linux OS to make inroads into the small business market. Why? Not everyone will like or want the new Metro interface that's an unavoidable feature of Windows 8. Plus, Windows XP support is soon to really most sincerely dead. What's a small business to do?

Rethink Linux.

If you're reluctant to upgrade to Windows 8 and/or you have aging hardware, be sure to read Sean Michael Kerner's take on why a Linux alternative makes sense for small business.

Microsoft's Window 8 is nearing completion and with it comes the new Metro interface. It's an interface that could translate into a big win for the Linux desktop. Windows 8 is a dramatic shift from the previous generation of Windows and that will no doubt upset and confuse lots of users.

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