The Pen is Mightier than the Stylus

By SmallBusinessComputing Staff
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by Jamie McAfee

With information-on-the-go a high priority for professionals, we compiled a group of pens designed to scan information from consumer products to paper documents. All hold large amounts of data to be downloaded onto laptops, PCs and PDAs. As portable storage devices, they take up less space than a wallet and scan different fonts in up to 26 languages. For the traveling business executive, these products are ideal for quickly transferring important documents to digital formats with the click of a pen.

A variation on OCR pens, the Convergence captures Web addresses by scanning any barcode format on consumer products. The pen also recognizes the Digital Convergence Cues included in advertising and editorial portions of print and electronic media. Convergence stores up to 300 Web addresses in its 4K memory. Data is transferred to PCs through the OptoLink Coupler connected to a serial port or USB. Pen memory is cleared after each upload.

Cross Pen Computing Group