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by Jamie McAfee

Those who want a PDA, a cell phone, and a pager can have all of them in one device: A Smart Phone. Different from an Internet phone which allows users to view text-only versions of Web sites, the Smart Phone offers the same functions of a regular PDA such as: Contact list, calendar, e-mail, and Web browsing. Personal information stored in the contact list usually exceeds that of the internal phonebook of a standard cell. Some manufacturers incorporate the PDA underneath the keypad, while others place it within the LCD screen. These phones come loaded with extras like voice memo and voice dialing for those on the road. Here are five Smart Phones that offer various options for any type of user.

Ericsson R380
WAP-based mobile Internet browser (applies user's own browser); send/receive e-mail; conduct e-commerce and banking transactions; stylus based, touch-sensitive screen; handwriting recognition and virtual keyboard; built-in infrared port; voice messaging
price determined by wireless carrier

Neopoint 2000
Voice activation for dialing or Internet access; incorporated SmartMail enables users to access same e-mail address on phone as on PC and fax; personal assistant holds 2,000 contacts; syncs with Outlook, ACT, Lotus, and Goldmine
$200 to $250

Samsung 6100
Three-way calling; 13 different rings (nine monotone, four melodic); graphic menu icons; voice-activated dialing for 20 numbers; five-minute voice memo; wireless Internet access; send/receive e-mail; send/receive faxes; three pounds.

Nokia 7100
Voice dialing up to 10 numbers; two-way text messaging; WAP compliant; conduct e-commerce and banking transactions; send/receive e-mail; Navi-roller key for scrolling; infrared (IrDA) for transferring information between PC and phones
$200 to $300

Kyocera QCP 6035
Supports applications compatible with Palm OS software; 8MB of memory; speaker phone; two-way short messaging service (SMS) messaging; voice messaging; voice dialing; Tap 'n' Dial features allows one-touch dialing of numbers in address book.
price determined by wireless carrier
This article was originally published on April 26, 2001

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