First Look: ArialPhone

By SmallBusinessComputing Staff | Posted December 10, 2001
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The ArialPhone will be handy for any professional using contact management software to contact clients. The lightweight earset easily attaches to the ear via a comfortable, ergonomically designed hook or a lightweight headband. ArialPhone is designed to be easy to use, with just one button for operation. Pressing the Action Button alerts the computer that the next thing the user says is a command. Outgoing sound is muted when the button is held so that if you are in a phone conversation, the person you are talking to will not hear your commands to the computer. Other software capabilities include voice command support for standard call functions such as call waiting, hold, and three-way calling.

With about 6 hours of talk time using two AA batteries and with a range of 150 feet, the 900MHz wireless headset communicates to the Base Station, which attaches to the computer via a standard USB cable, and to a telephone through a standard jack. The Base Station has two battery charging slots so there will always be a fully charged battery available. If the battery runs low during a phone conversation, the earset will generate an alert. The phone connection will be held while the user replaces the battery. The ArialPhone has a battery standby time of four to five days.

ArialPhone's software will only work on PCs running Windows98 Second Edition, Windows2000, or WindowsME operating systems. ArialPhone will not work on Windows95, and there is no plan to offer a Mac version at this time.

ArialPhone Corp.; 847-949-3173; www.arialphone.com; $399

--Jamie McAfee

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