Top 20 Finance iPad Apps

By James A. Martin
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You've spent at least $500 on that shiny new iPad. But with the right mobile apps, Apple's tablet can actually save you dough -- and even help you earn some of that green back.

A recent check on iTunes found 589 apps in the finance category. We've whittled the list down to 20 of the best, covering a variety of money matters -- from following stocks to accepting credit cards. All of the small business apps in our roundup have at least a three-star or higher average user rating. (In iTunes, 5 stars is the highest rating.) We list the apps in alphabetical order.

20 Financial iPad Apps for Small Business

Big Calculator Free

Cost: free. Average rating for the current version: 4 stars.

There are plenty of iPad calculators -- some free, others a buck or two. This one is not hugely better than the others. It's simply a good-looking calculator with big buttons that also gives you a "paper tape" view of your previous calculations, which you can copy or email.

Car Calc Pro

Cost: $1.99. Average rating for all versions: 4 stars (not enough reviews yet for the current version).

Eyeballing a new Prius? This handy app will help you quickly calculate the monthly loan payment, compare two loans side-by-side, decide if it's better to buy or lease, and figure out the car's total cost (including insurance).

 Debt Payoff Pro; top financial iPad apps
Debt Payoff Pro

CNBC Real-Time for iPad

Cost: free. Average rating for the current version: 3.5 stars.

The makers of this app, NBC Universal, claim it's the only free app that gives you "live, streaming real-time" stock quotes "before, during and after market hours," direct from the NYSE and NASDAQ exchanges. The app is chock-full of features, including breaking business news, videos, profiles and the ability to create and track company stocks. This is one app bound to make day traders delirious with joy.

Compoundee HD

Cost: $2.99. Average rating for the current version: 4 stars.

Finances can be complicated, but this app helps you make some sense of it all. It's a compound interest calculator designed to tackle complex equations, so you can quickly see how much a potential investment would be worth over a specific period of time. You can also factor in such things as taxes and inflation to get a realistic picture of the cost of your investment.

Converter Plus for iPad

Cost: $1.99. Average rating for the current version: 5 stars.

Convert practically anything -- area, weight, currencies, temperature, bits, bytes and so on -- with this helpful app. It also includes loan, tip, mortgage, and other calculators.

Debt Payoff Pro

Cost: $.99. Average rating for all versions: 4.5 stars (not enough reviews yet for the current version).

Converter Plus for iPad; top financial iPad apps
Converter Plus for iPad

Many small business owners juggle multiple lines of credit. This handy app helps you manage your credit using the "snowball" method. You make the minimum payments on your various debts until the first is paid off; then you use the money you'd have paid on that debt to starting paying down another debt, and so on. There are similar debt management iPad apps, but this is one of the highest rated.

Easy Books

Cost:  free. Average rating for the current version: 4 stars.

This money management app for small businesses lets you track your accounts, sales, expenses, invoices, and assets all in one place. You can generate invoices in PDF format and track your time. Worth noting: While the app is free, certain features such as time tracking ($16.99) are "in-app purchases."

eBay & PayPal Fee Calculator

Cost: $1.99. Average rating for all versions: 4.5 stars (not enough reviews yet for the current version).

If you've sold on eBay, you've probably been frustrated by the inability to easily see exactly how much each sale will cost you in fees. This iPad app helps by taking some of the mystery out of eBay, and PayPal, fees.

Economy for iPad

Cost: $3.99. Average rating for the current version: 4.5 stars.

Want the big picture on the U.S. economic situation? This is your app. It provides the latest info and graphics on key economic indicators, such as employment, housing, GDP and the trade deficit; graphs for tracking indicators across time periods; and information on state-specific economic indicators for all 50 states and Washington, D.C.


Cost: free. Average rating for current version: 4.5 stars.

Expense reports are tedious but necessary, and this free app makes the process a bit less tiresome. The app imports your credit card purchase transactions and automatically creates receipts for most expenses less than $75. You can also track mileage, quickly generate reports with attached receipts, and submit them directly from your iPad.

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This article was originally published on May 23, 2011

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