7 Reasons for Small Business to Upgrade to Windows 7

By Scott Alan Miller | Posted February 07, 2011
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You might have a perfectly good reason -- or even reasons -- to hold off on migrating your small business over to Windows 7. But if you do plan to make the move eventually, you're missing out on several improvements that could truly help your business in the here and now, not the least of which includes performance and security advantages.

Our sister site, Datamation.com, offers of list of seven reasons to get moving on your Windows 7 upgrade. Give it a read and see whether the benefits outweigh your delay.

If you’re straddling the fence, what’s your reason for not upgrading to Windows 7? Many IT managers wait for the first service pack before deploying an OS upgrade; others update the operating system as part of a hardware refresh.

Here are some advantages to upgrading to Windows 7 sooner rather than later.

Read the complete article: 7 Reasons to Migrate to Windows 7

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