SMB Security: EncryptStick Digital Privacy Manager Review

By Gerry Blackwell | Posted October 25, 2010


Designing a Proactive Approach to Information Security with Cyber Threat Hunting

Why takes risks with your data when providing small business data protection is easier and more affordable than ever? The EncryptStick Digital Privacy Manager turns any ordinary USB flash drive into an encryption tool that can protect your sensitive data on just about any Windows or Mac computer, networked hard drive or even the flash drive itself. Our sister site,, has the full review.

If your employees carry sensitive company data on unencrypted laptops, portable hard drives or USB flash drives, your job and theirs may be in jeopardy.

We report cases almost weekly in these pages of lost or stolen computers and drives with unencrypted data, and the havoc that ensues.

Read the complete Review: EncryptStick Digital Privacy Manager article.

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