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By Eric Geier | Posted September 11, 2009
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If you do a lot of traveling, or otherwise need remote access to your files or media, you might consider Weezo. It's an application that helps you host your files, media, and services over the Internet or just on your local LAN. All that's needed on the client side is a Web browser. You can use it for yourself or share with your friends. Of course there's Facebook and MySpace for keeping your friends updated about your life, but Weezo can offer additional functionality.

Weezo lets you easily create photo, video, or music libraries that are automatically updated, set up text or video chat rooms, host your own site, and more. Basically it lets you start your own social networking site. Plus it can offer encrypted connections and everything can be password-protected, so you can secure any private files. Nothing is uploaded to a Weezo (or any other) server: Transfers and communication are made directly between users.

Getting Ready for Weezo

Before you can install Weezo, you must disable any active Web servers or applications using the HTTP port (80). If you have a professional edition of Windows, you might want to check that the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) is turned off. Browse to the Administrative Tools in the Control Panel and bring up the Services utility. Then scroll down and double-click World Wide Web Publishing Service. For the Start-up option, choose Manual and click OK.

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