First Look: ClickTracks Analyzer

By SmallBusinessComputing Staff
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Wayne N. Kawamoto
Managing Editor, www.smallbusinesscomputing.com

ClickTracks recently announced its ClickTracks Analyzer that helps web designers, IT workers, and marketers examine how visitors are interacting with their site. The company says that its software superimposes visitor data on top of the actual website, offering a completely intuitive, easy-to-understand view of site activity.

According to the company, in addition to a unique interface, ClickTracks Analyzer employs a feature typically found only in higher priced software packages-the ability to 'tag' groups of visitors based on a certain characteristic (e.g. referral site, keyword search, cookie presence, and other identifying traits), which may allow web designers to watch specific groups of visitors and the way they traverse the website.

The company says that unlike other site analyzers, ClickTracks doesn't subscribe to the 'bury-you-with-data' philosophy, and as a result, doesn't include superfluous statistics, such as top level domain referrals and other page-filling data. By putting information in context, rather than simply supplying it in a pretty 3D pie chart, ClickTracks may allow web developers to quickly and easily see relevant, actionable information.

"We wanted to provide designers with an invaluable tool, said John Marshall, CEO of ClickTracks, Inc. "The visual nature of the program makes it ideal for explaining and justifying site improvements and revisions to clients. The tagging feature provides an easy way for a designer to study their most important visitors. The affordability of the program ($495) is an added bonus for those designers who might be looking to upgrade from regular sliced bread to focaccia or something more expensive."

ClickTracks Analyzer has a free 30-day demo available at www.clicktracks.com.
This article was originally published on November 05, 2002

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