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By James A. Martin
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Cost: $2.99. Average rating for the current version: 3.5 stars.

When it's time to upgrade to new tech toys, do you donate the old ones? If so, there's an app for that: iDonatedIt. The app, one of CNN Money's top tax apps in 2011, creates lists of donated items, letting you easily keep records for tax purposes. You can attach a photo to your donation record and email a donation report to your accountant (or anyone else).

Mortgage Calculator - The Amortizer

Cost: $1.99. Average rating for all versions: 4.5 stars (not enough reviews yet for the current version).

There are a number of iPad mortgage calculators, but this is one of the highest rated. Mortgage Calculator - The Amortizer does the math for real estate agents, homebuyers and homeowners looking to refi. It will calculate cost per square foot; break down total interest, total payments, and total cost; show you how much of each payment goes towards interest, principal and remaining balance; and more.

Square; top financial iPad apps
Square – for the iPad


Cost: $9.99. Average rating for the current version: 3.5 stars.

The iPad version of Apple's spreadsheet program includes useful templates with built-in formulas and designs, including a mortgage calculator, expense report, travel planner, invoice, personal savings, car log and loan comparison. You can export your documents to Excel or PDF, too.

Pageonce Pro

Cost: $12.99. Average rating for the current version: 4.5 stars.

As of this writing, there's not yet a Mint.com iPad app. The next best thing is Pageonce Pro, which, like Mint.com, downloads your bank and credit card transactions and provides an at-a-glance view of where your money is going. While there's a free Pageonce version, it includes ads -- not the kind of thing you want to see when you're in money management mode.


Cost: free. Average rating for the current version: 4.5 stars.

RetirePlan is a free app that helps you figure out when you can retire, how much dough you'll need, and how long your money will last (hint: not as long as you thought). As you enter data, the graph changes accordingly, giving you a quick view of your nest egg.


Cost: free. Average rating for the current version: 4 stars.

Do you sell at flea markets? Operate a gourmet taco truck? If so, you can easily accept credit cards with a Square free card reader (with connects to your iPad's microphone jack), a free Square account, and the free Square iPad app (also available for iPhone and Android). After everything's set up, it's super easy to transact business with a quick credit card swipe. And Square's take is reasonable: the company gets 2.75 percent of every transaction, but there's no fee on top of that and no contract.


Cost: $0.99. Average rating for all versions: 3.5 stars (not enough reviews yet for the current version).

When your stocks are hot, they're really hot, thanks to this graphical app. StockMap displays your stocks, mutual funds and other investments on a "heatmap" -- a cool way to provide an at-a-glance overview of your investments. The color of each investment "block" changes based on how hot or cold that particular investment is at the moment. Market data is automatically updated every 10 seconds when the app is active.

Time Master + Billing

Cost: $9.99. Average rating for all versions: 4 stars (not enough reviews yet for the current version).

Independent contractors need a reliable tool for tracking time and generating invoices, and this is their go-to iPad app. You can record time entries using a stopwatch or by entering the time manually; run multiple timers at once (and they keep running even when you're not using the app); track expenses; export your time entries to QuickBooks; and more.

Time Master + Billing; top financial iPad apps
Time Master + Billing

Toss-Up Free - 3D Coin Flipping

Cost: free. Average rating for all versions: 3 stars (not enough reviews yet for the current version).

As we move closer to a cashless society, how on Earth will we make decisions? By using a coin toss iPad app, naturally. This free app provides a 3D simulation of a quarter, which you can toss with the flick of a finger. Heads, you'll love this silly little app; tails, you won't.


Cost: free. Average rating for the current version: 4 stars.

Zinio is essentially a digital magazine rack for your iPad. Through this app, you can buy subscriptions to, or single issues of, a variety of magazines in digital format -- including The Economist ($126.99 for 51 issues), Harvard Business Review ($79 for 10 issues), and Bloomsberg BusinessWeek (51 issues $46). The issues are essentially digital copies of the print versions without interactivity or social sharing functions, but it beats carrying a bunch of paper magazines on a trip.

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This article was originally published on May 23, 2011
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