First Look: X10's FloodCam

By SmallBusinessComputing Staff | Posted May 08, 2002


Wayne N. Kawamoto
Managing Editor,

X10 recently announced its new FloodCam Kit that is designed to automatically shine lights on intruders and record their actions on a TV, VCR, or PC. The wireless device promises to combine the best of surveillance and automation technology in a system that helps users protect their businesses.

According to the company, its FloodCam, which looks much like an ordinary floodlamp, can be connected to existing outdoor wiring in minutes. A hidden control panel lets users adjust the light's settings to detect motion at all times or only after dark. It may be also set to activate the cameras by light, motion or both.

Once the light and camera are activated, users can make a permanent record of any activity by broadcasting the images directly to a TV, PC or VCR using X10's 2.4 Ghz technology. The XRay Vision software lets users save the evidence on a hard drive or password protected web server. If you already own a VCR, X10's VCR commander kit works with the FloodCam to automatically record images based on customized control settings.

The complete FloodCam kit includes a built-in motion sensor and wireless camera, wireless video only receiver, a VCR commander kit and EagleEye motion sensor. The kit is available for $129.99 at or by calling 1-800-675-3044. The XRay Vision software is available for free at (requires USB Video Capture Adapter).

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